Terms & Condition

On confirmation of unit(s) with KBC Japan co., ltd
we require that (100%) is to be sent immediately to the Company’s Bank Account.

Confirmation is based upon first Come, first serve. Once this amount is received, we then arrange for shipment on the next available vessel.

Please note that sometimes vessel names and dates are subject to be changed by the shipping company or delay may occur, there are reasons beyond our control.

For this we are not responsible to pay any claim(s)Approximately 500-USD$ will be needed to take care of minor defaults, but most vehicle(s) do not necessarily require repairs. When these units are bought from the auctions there are “As is” therefore, there is no warranty regarding the accuracy Of the mileage on the odometer.

To avoid malpractices during clearance , at the importing country we advice our customers to insured the vehicle which is 1.0% of the C&F price.Also please note after arrival of the vehicle(s) in the importing country, if there is any major faults in Engine or Transmission, a notification of such should be brought to our knowledge within 15-days after the vessel arrives.

No complaint will be considered after the date has past.